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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using On-Line Software

The use of on-line software was very common in the 80's when complex software was offered on main frame computers that users accessed from a dumb terminal.

As the PC became more powerful, these programs were ported to the PC and the use of the service bureaus disappeared. The software available for PC's also became more sophisticated. It became possible to offer software that could not run on the earlier PC's due to speed, memory and disk capacity limitation.

More complex software with a limited market is more expensive. U.S. $40,000.00 is not uncommon for specialist software.

We believe that some specialized software such as our ground grid, pipeline and grounding network analysis programs, can now be effectively used over the Internet.



You do not have to pay high fees for software that may only be used occasionally. You do not have to upgrade each year and pay even more fees. The cost per run is a fraction of the cost of the software.

There is no need to attach a security key to your computer. This is often required when narrow market programs are licensed, to prevent illegal copying.

You avoid having to reload software when there are upgrades and bug fixes or you change your own computer system.

Your computer only needs enough power to do e-mail with a graphics display capability (typically to read and print pdf (public document format) files).

As the computer runs are done with text files, they can be submitted from systems running UNIX, Linux, Microsoft Windows or any other operating system. Specialist software may only be compiled for a few operating platforms.



There is a delay between submitting the run and receiving the results.

There may be some input data errors that prevent the run from working. In the future, we will provide free front-end software that can be used to scan through the computer models you prepare, so that you can be sure they have no errors before sending them to us. This software will