You can download a demonstration version of the dc version of KWIKGRID (244k). To download it, right-click the mouse on the link and select to "Save Link As..". You will also need the following sample file. It is a text file and can be downloaded by right-clicking on it in the same way.

To install the software, double-click on the program file KWIKGRID.exe. This will launch the installer. It will give you the option to install the program KwikR and to create a short-cut menu and desktop icon. The installer includes an un-installer, which can be run from the Windows Start Menu. After installation, if you click on the Start Menu, select "Programs" and select "KwikR", there should be two options, "KwikR" and "Uninstall". Selecting "Uninstall" will remove the program, directories and short-cuts.

The demonstration version will only run the data in file sample1.kda. The input data cannot be changed except as described below. The ground electrode model is a small ground grid with rods. Separate structures and impedance bonds cannot be added to the model. Other features such as reading in previously calculated results or saved data files are also disabled.

Use the program menu selection Plot|Plot Grid with isometric view to see a three-dimensional view of the grid model.

The following parameters can be changed:

  • Soil resistivity values and height of top layer.
  • Area that is plotted.
  • Fault current.
  • Conductor subdivision.

Refer to the User Manual for detailed instructions on the use of KWIKGRID.