The manual uses North American conductor sizes for illustrative purposes.

"MCM" means thousands of circular mil. A circular mil is a unit of measure that was developed to avoid multiplication by pi when calculating the cross-sectional areas of round conductors. Sometimes kCM or kcm are used.

"#4/0" is another North American standard conductor size designation. Numbered sizes for electrical wires have been used in several countries since early in the 20th century. The numbering system is generally not the same between different countries. "#4/0" is an American Wire Gauge size. Smaller sizes are numbered #8, #12 and similar with the higher numbers being smaller than lower. When #1 was reached, the next larger conductor size was #0, the #00, #000 and #0000. The last size #0000 is abbreviated to #4/0. For conductors larger than #4/0, the MCM or kCM sizing is used.

Large transmission line conductors are also often given standard names, for example "Narcissus". Different countries use different naming schemes that may be based on inch or metric (mm2) sizes.

TACLINK can handle any type and size of conductor, because the user can create his/her own naming scheme and enter the conductor dimensional parameters into the program conductor database.